Laser Color Dell Printer 3010cn

del 3010cn printer

I wanted a laser printer because it will look better than not having one. That doesn’t make sense but I just wanted  one and I had money to burn. So I went for this Dell 3010cn. I was also thinking of start a business and having a colored printer will make things look for professional. Finally, all I did was print pretty pictures that were more expensive than having them done by professionals.

Alhambra Spanish Guitar


I have always wanted to play the guitar. There is just something sexy about men or women who can play a musical instrument. I wanted to be part of them so I bought this pretty Spanish guitar from Alhambra. Yes, I wanted something authentic and I was pleased with my purchase. The problem is, I am still very bad at the instrument. It has become an expensive piece of decorating artifact.

Portable CD Player


Bought this music cd player because it was cool, and then someone showed me the iPod and all my excitement turned into envy.  I thought I was in the game but the iPod just makes you feel ridiculous caring around this dead weight.  That is what you get for having friends who are move technology in tune.

Brother Sewing Machine LS-2920


I have always wanted to be able to show off to my friends about my creative instinct. There is something so nice about being able to sew you own outfit and model it in the hope of getting recognition. The worst part of this is when people say, “Did you make that outfit yourself?” I didn’t know how to take it so I have a sewing machine that is just sitting there looking for another adventurer.

Bheringer Acoustic Amplifier


Bought this at the same time I was planning to learn how to play the guitar. I plugged it in and a great time playing the same chords over and over again. The next day, the neighbours left a note in the letterbox saying “Keep the noise down or learn to play correctly”. That was the end of my adventure. I moved back to headphones

Cisco Linksys Wifi Router


I bought this because it was on offer at a discount price. I planned to use my computer wifi instead of the cable. I didn’t take into consideration that I will be getting an upgraded ADSL router from my internet Service Provider. The new router they brought came with wifi which makes this Linksys useless. It is now sitting pretty in the box.

Philips Stereo Computer Side Speakers


I had a laptop that came with a really rubbish sound and I wanted to improve things so I decided to buy these Philips speakers. I liked the stream line look and the BASS. It was loud just the way I wanted it until the people I share my room with started complaining. Now I just use my headphones. Next time, I’ll move to the desert so I can be loud as I want